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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  October 6, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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with the bank of america mobile banking app. >> thanks to our very lively panel. that does it for our hour. i'm nicolle wallace. mtp daily starts right now. hi, chuck. >> only you can put the revv, donny deutche and others and say it's not a joke. >> he has some sing in him. >> i know he does. i want to keep my hour. if it's friday, is someone getting fired? tonight, after reports predicting his quick demise, rex tillerson is still on the job for now. >> i'm still learning even at this ripe old age, i learn something everyday.
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>> but is this as the president put it the calm before rex tillerson's storm. >> nothing has changed despite what you may read in the media or watch on tv. >> one-on-one with congressman, steve scalise, why he says republicans cannot evade tax reform. >> in my view, failure is not an option. >> how democrats are handling the explosive sexual harassment allegations against harvey weinstein. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. good evening. i'm chuck todd here in washington. welcome to what had become farewell friday or might as well be sometimes. i think we're 5 of 11 fridays we had an exit from the white house. it seems like it's not a question now or if secretary tillerson's tenure with the trump administration is coming to an end, a question of when.
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if recent history teaches us anything, president trump has an affinity for saying you're fired the last day of the work week and the president is keeping us looking at the last day of the playbook in the next 24 hours. >> could be the calm before the storm. >> mr. president, what did you mean by calm before the storm yesterday? what did you mean by that? >> thank you very much. you'll find out. >> today, white house press secretary sara huckabee sanders said she president still has confidence in rex tillerson. >> could you clarify the president's comments, was he talking about military action when he said calm before the storm? >> we will never say in advance what the president plans and you
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will have to wait and see. >> how specifically should american adversaries take these comments? is it a joke? >> i think you can take the president protecting the american people always extremely serious. >> you said the president wants to preserve an element of surprise, if he wants to preserve and element of surprise, why would he dangle hints about his actions in the first place? >> i don't believe he did. >> that's where we are. we're supposed to wait and see after saying the president was fuming over the request to deny he called the president a moron and he was called in to swear in knew foreign service workers and didn't take any questions or comments from reporters. these were all ousted on a friday. replacing the secretary of state is a bit more complicated than those other west wing and cabinet departures. don't expect this to be as abrupt of announcement as those
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were. he is fourth in line to the presidency. this is not a job to be left open or left to an acting deputy. a succession plan has to be in place that requires planning. top of the list is mike pompeo and talk of ambassador nikki haley taking the job. both could transition over and both are considered close with the president and been as far as he's concerned, loyal to him. how calm is everything within the executive branch right now and what does it mean around the world if the storm could hit at any moment? let me bring in my colleague, andrea mitchell and one of the reporters who's been in the midst of breaking this story about tillerson and the president. andrea, it's past 5:00, rex tillerson is still on the job. look, from all appearances, this white house isn't prepared today to make any changes. where does this relationship stand right now?
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>> if this were a marriage, they're not in total divorce, they're certainly past counseling, i would say they're in a separation agreement. but you've got a very big asia trip, the president's first trip to china coming up in november, and this is a terrible time to be without a secretary of state. nobody would be confirmed immediately, they'd have to go through some kind of senate process before they could be confirmed even if it were nikki haley or mike pompeo, the two names that come to mind. it is not a working relationship. there's no trust there. interesting thinking about the context today, a lot of this has to do with tillerson's style, the fact they just did not click. a lot of it has to do with the very first policy issue in which he challenged the president, iran. the very first time the president had to certify on that 90 day deadline to congress that iran was complying with the nuclear deal we're up next week,
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october 15th, he has done it twice reluctantly and the first time when to make flynn was still the national security advisor. tillerson pushed back because of guidance from the state department and cia iran was complying and ended up doing it before congress a quarter of midnight, right before the deadline. that's when it started going off track. >> john kelly, the chief of staff has been trying to repair this relationship. has the president and rex tillerson had a face-to-face in the last 24 hours yet? >> they may have but not that i know of. tillerson, wednesday, from our reporting after that 11:00 a.m. abrupt and unannounced and very extraordinary appearance, he went directly to the white house. that's where he and kelly met. mattis also joined. he had talked on the phone with mike pence, who had been in arizona and was also fumingly
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angry, as we reported. i don't know if they have met face-to-face. tillerson last night, was not at that national security meeting, it was billed as a military dinner and a very important meeting beforehand. he had gone off to miami for a private appearance with a lot of his old friends at the business council, annual meeting of the top business leaders in america. >> andrea mitchell. >> yeah. >> quite a story. >> it's only 5:00 or a little after 5:00. it's friday night. where is your secretary of state? >> fair enough. we probably should at least let the entire 5:00 hour pass before we declare anybody's job safe. joining me is david ignatius and andy card, he was white house chief of staff for george w. bush and also an nbc news political analyst. andy, let me start with you here on this. is the timing here, with a big asia trip coming up, the thing that saves rex tillerson for
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now? is this a relationship that the white house has to figure out how to repair or at this point actually do they need to figure out an exit strategy? >> well, i'm hoping rex tillerson stays on. he demonstrates the courage to speak truth to power. i would suggest that he be very careful with his words and the venues where he uses them. he probably should be shutting the door and talking with the president directly about some of these things rather than having an ad yes who likes to leak if that's what happened. i'm a rex tillerson fan. there is a trip coming up and the president will need his secretary of state by his side to help him with that trip. this is not the best time to make a change at the state department. you have to remember everybody who served in the cabinet or white house position serves at the pleasure of the president in the time being, no security in appointment to the office. your job is not to suck up to
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the president and try to eastrn his pleasure. your job is to speak the truth to the president. words do matter and people should be careful with words they use. i'm always telling the president he should be more careful. the same applies to the members of the cabinet and senior white house staff as well. >> david, you have sources around the world. i am curious, other diplomats, how do they view rex tillerson and how do they view the relationship between the president and rex tillerson and is it a relationship the world thinks is going to be repaired? >> tillerson generally gets good reviews from diplomats an foreign officials i talk to. they think he's mature and sensible and enjoy their conversations with him. they're worried about the state department, being hollowed out, not people to contact for many embassies in washington.
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people have been struck by that. this white house is a puzzle for every foreign ministry. people early on thought the path to the president was jared kushner. there was a quue to line up. >> i think early on kushner was seen to be helping him out and may have been papering over early differences. that was the game. if you want to get through trump go through kushner but tillerson was seen as an experienced person who knew the world. after all, tillerson has been negotiating with foreign officials more than 20 years. he knows them personally. >> i guess the question is whether they like him or not, do they believe he speaks for the president? >> i think at this point, no one would believe he speaks for the president.
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>> can you have a secretary of state that is in a position like that? >> not for long. the essence of tillerson's problem to establish himself as secretary of state, tribb credi leader of the department he has to speak more, to officials, journalists, but with such a prickly president, who obviously has deep misgivings about tillerson, every word he utters risks triggering the final breach. he's in an impossible situation in that sense. it can't continue in this situation for long but i think it will continue until the asia trip is finished. tillerson has been setting the table for that. the president really wants it to be successful. i can't imagine them making a change. >> seems impossible. >> he was just a week ago getting ready for the trip and hard to imagine them chucking him before the trip is done. >> andy, you've played the role
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of chief of staff to a president, as i might remember here. how important is it for john kelly to try to establish -- it seems as if rex tillerson is just the latest staffer to be caught disparaging the president in some way or another. in this case it wasn't a blind quote, perhaps a leak. we've seen the blind quotes. how much do you think should fall on the chief of staff to root all this out? >> the chief of staff has a huge responsibility to basically address these challenges. some of them are rumors and he has to decide whether they're fact or fiction. deal with it, even if it's just a rumor. yes, i suspect general kelly is doing a tremendous job right now, calming the waters, talking to people, introducing discipline, not just to the structure of the white house or process but also the discipline of respect, kind of disciplining
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people to have respect for the burden the president carries and the challenge of doing a job to serve the president. i suspect he's very busy. i think he's up to that task and about the best person to do it that way right now. >> when general mcchrystal, his staff disparaged the vice president and in some ways the president at the time, president obama, former vice president biden and on. you couldn't have somebody doing that to the commander in chief essentially. he had to be fired. do you think what rex tillerson did is a fireable offense? >> i kind of hope not. it probably is something done out of frustration if it happened at all. there's supposed to be tension between the president and leaders of his advising team. they're not supposed to think
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monolithically and not supposed to necessarily all agree what the decision should be but once the decision is made they should agree to implement it and implement it with enthusiasm and confidence. i like having a little bit of friction among the senior staff and cabinet just don't want it to spill outside that little circle. i think john kelly understands that and has witnessed that in a positive way in the military where you do debate these strategic issues and try not to have them impact the tactical execution to get to the strategic outcome the president wants. >> if mike pompeo is indeed the person that the president right now -- i think there's a lot of thought -- the president has developed a personal rapport with him. i think they do see more eye-to-eye idea logically on these issues, including eran? >> pompeo has been an unusual cia director in that he has real
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connection with the white house. >> that was how it was between on and his and they were tight. >> they're there to guide policymakers. they always say, we're not policymakers. pompeo has been there in not simply for the intelligence briefings but discussions that surround them. i think he would function smoothly with the president. let's not forget the president when he gave a speech at the u.n. general assembly seemed over the top for nikki haley. she did a star turn that week. >> although the mike pence comment in the story where the vice president had to essentially chastise the spokesperson for tillerson for saying, i didn't say that and he said he speak out of turn, there's an appearance of tension between nikki haley and mike pence apparently.
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>> that comment in this whole strange story -- >> i'm thinking entreprenenew h 2024, for haley when i hear pence. >> pompeo in terms of policy fit, a distinctive being with the president, easy to imagine that. he would speak for the president in a broader way tillerson can't. >> speak quickly to this issue, you can have an acting hhs secretary and not worry if you're going to make a change at the state department it has to be fairly deliberate before you make the change? >> absolutely. the president does have the ability to put someone in an acting position confirmed by the senate. he doesn't have to stick within -- >> could he make pompeo, he could make pompeo acting because he's been confirmed in another job by the senate? >> i believe that the constitution gives the president
2:17 pm
the authority to do that. >> interesting. >> he doesn't have to be confirmed for that position but i believe he could be an acting person. although i'm hoping rex tillerson stays and i think pompeo does an outstanding job and nikki haley is a real star of the administration. i'd like to see the team working together rather than fighting for new positions. do the job you're in until you can't do it any more. >> you guys have both convinced me. that november asia trip, rex tillerson better be on his best behavior. thank you both. appreciate it. much more to discuss on rex tillerson's future, ahead for the panel a change in obamacare, wanting to make it's easier for some employers to withhold coverage for birth control. building a website in under an hour is easy with gocentral...
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welcome back. a big change today to a key part
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of the affordable care act, also known as obamacare. the trump administration is rolling back the requirement for most employers to cover birth control as preventive care for women at no additional cost. the policy change will allow many more employers to opt out of providing birth control if they claim religious or moral objection. he promised to roll back the requirement so he's doing it. according to the enhanced health and economic benefits for family the aclu are filing a lawsuit. the attorney general of massachusetts says she's planning to sue the trump administration over this and we're trying to find out how narrow or large an exemption can be, right after the break. you nervous?
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back.
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let's bring in the friday panel, joshua johnson and jennifer rubin and shane harris. welcome all. shane, let me start with this tumult with tillerson a little bit in the white house. it looks like they don't want to do a shake-up yet, no mat hour angry he may be cooler heads prevail. >> absolutely. with the china trip coming up, a terrible time for tillerson to leave and preempts everything. tillerson always had one foot out of the door. since last summer we heard rumblings to it. the analogy is a separation period. nobody thinks it will repair but not before the china trip. >> is this a lost year? >> it really is. we're coming to an important
2:23 pm
date, october 18th, and they do a jiu-jitsu move where they decertify and don't pull out. does tillerson speak for the president or the president can't undo something with a tweet. with the asia trip coming up, you wonder if he does want someone who speaks for him sooner rather than later. >> i tell people keep what ever you think of tillerson or president trump it is not good if the united states of america and the secretary of state aren't on the same page. >> on the show we got a comment from a listener whose daughter lives in japan saying the japanese people learned to listen to rex tillerson because he seems like the grownup in the room. it's become clear after the comments on charlottesville where mr. tillerson said the president speaks for himself it is unclear. you're right, no matter what you
2:24 pm
think politically, it's better for us to know exactly what our government is doing and hear the same message every time. >> interesting you said those in japan have learned to take secretary tillerson at his word. last week we saw what happened when the two aren't on the same page, tried to talk good cop bad cop, and wanted to talk about talks and he said, save yourself. >> he effective kneecaped his secretary of state and can't represented an administration policy when the president is contradicting him. what is the policy? we all wait for the president to tweet it out. i'm not sure they believe the north koreans are interested in negotiating anyway, maybe some reflection from the president, forget about it, we already concluded negotiations. >> if it really is pompeo v haley at this point, there's two ways to look at the pick. the public might -- haley feels
2:25 pm
like a bigger quote star and pompeo closer to the president. >> which is why trump may not like nikki haley there because she is a star, the most dynamic, telegenic of the foreign policy group there. i would suspect pompeo would have a bit of an in there if only trump is happy with this macho very proactive, non-touchy-feely foreign policy. nikki haley has been doing great running her own foreign policy in new york but it has nothing to do with trump's foreign policy. i would imagine pompeo would be a better fit for him. >> a lot of people want nikki haley's job trying to push her into it. i want to change topics here and talk about the obamacare birth control, no longer a mandate, this seems destined for the courts. >> for sure. >> the courts are now going to
2:26 pm
write what this looks like. >> for sure assessment for the courts. my concern is people affected by this. birth control and contraception are certainly issues with a clear religious nexus. birth control can save lives and prevent birth transmitted infections. and in the hard religious conversations about beliefs and convictions we forget about the rest of it. what about people at risk populations that need to it keep them safe and alive and unwanted pregnancies, a cost, too. >> what happened to this movement i remember led by bobby jindal, trying to push back the idea republicans were against birth control. no, no, we want to make it over the counter. what happened to that? >> that's how corey gardner made it to the senate.
2:27 pm
saying that exact line and it worked well. >> i think trump is so indented to the religious right and gives them more than what they want. >> they weren't asking for this, the narrow objection. >> and you almost don't need a religious nexus any more and reminds me of the transgender issue, they were asking don't use federal funds to pay pore a surgery and he says we will kick them out entirely. like he's so anxious to please them he goes overboard. they're not comfortable. i think they understand a religious exemption, they don't i want because they don't like it. >> the point of offering more than they ask, you talk to people in the business community they say that about regulations. >> too quickly, too many? >> you're asking about things we didn't need and regulations are good and helps us. there is a tendency on the part
2:28 pm
of the president when he senses there is a constituentsty that wants something he floods his own with it and gives them more than they ask for it. >> will it have an electoral pushback, meaning this could become a campaign issue for some republicans they will have to uncomfortably deal with? >> it could. it could become a campaign issue. i smell this as another court issue when the next seat comes up that makes the next seat ever important as it works its way to the high court it will end up there. i would love to believe the american people are more concerned about pocket booth issue, you look at the virginia latest poll, healthcare costs and jobs. some people we hear from there's a little fatigue setting in with just social issues. >> is there a penalty for the people of the trump administration look as if they're trying to make o care not work?
2:29 pm
>> that's the biggest financial issue. we heard this week the president denied a state a right to fix their own exchange. that is dangerous. >> they said they haven't necessarily confirmed it but didn't fully deny it. >> they have this notion somehow they will blame on if something goes wrong. no one ever blames the last president, they're blaming this president. they're playing a very dangerous game trying to starve it and not advertise. >> stick ahead. steve scalise is back at work and with a party at war with itself. the call just came in- there's another missing woman. be careful. we don't know what we're dealing with. he calls himself the "snowman killer."
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he's completely insane. mister policeman, i gave you all the clues. by the time you read this i will have built a new snowman. the snowman. rated r.
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still ahead on "mtp daily," the allegation of harvey weinstein and how democrats are doing. hi. the jobs report dow falling over a point and s&p down by two, both breaking their winning streak. nasdaq up by five points. the u.s. lost 33,000 jobs last month due to hurricanes, down to a new low.
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yesterday, i had the privilege of sitting down with house majority whip, steve scalise in an exclusive interview, his first sunday interview for "meet the press," in his first one since coming back, recovering from the gunshot wound. we talked about how the congressman feels about being at work after sheeting this summer that nearly took his life and talked about the mass shooting in las vegas and talked about how he feels about this country's gun laws. you can see it on "meet the press." we talked about a bunch of other topics including the civil war going on inside the republican party. the vice president's chief of staff was caught on an audiotape this week saying gop donors may have to purge republican lawmakers not supportive of the
2:38 pm
president's agenda. he said if we end up in the minority i'd rather have a minority on the same page. do you think you'd be republican whip? >> i don't agree with that. you see vice-president pence working with us. president trump has been working tremendously to help us pass healthcare out of the house. vice president pence is a man of the house. i served five years with him in the house. he enjoys coming back. he has great relationships. >> the panel is back. steve scalise trying to play peacemaker there. in a few follow-ups, he again sort of tries to distance himself a little bit from the comment. it does seem as if the civil war is on. >> it's kind of worrisome.
2:39 pm
the idea, forget about what you think of the republican party, the idea of an american party whose aim is not govern to the majority of the american people is anathomos to the system. we've seen in europe -- but to be content with that and say that might be the way we have to go. i don't know that rank and file republicans are eager for civil war with their neighbors and family and friends just because they don't vote the same way. i don't see that. >> i will tell you, jennifer, it's funny you say that, joshua, dante, who does a bunch of data journalism for us was traveling around the country and went to 2 different counties very evangelical county and they do see this war as one within the county. you go to wealthier republican suburban counties and they don't
2:40 pm
see it. like one hasn't seen it. >> like the rivalry between san francisco and los angeles. this is about the resentment trump has been able to marshall, reflect, amplify. part of the country feels disrespected by the other. you now have the president probably tacitly, maybe more than tacitly telling his ex-senior strategist, steve bannon, go ahead, pick up some of these people, run against the incumbents, that will show them. if the president of the united states is attacking the majority leader, at least now the majority leader beginning to feed on his own party. you see it in the polls although trump is holding the majority, figures in the 70s and 80s, pavsivism about the republican party goes much higher. >> the threat of these outside primary challenges and all this
2:41 pm
stuff does serve a purpose for president trump. >> sure. he's also not a republican, right? >> wait. he's trump. >> not democrat or republican. trump. >> it's the brand. to jennifer's point, that is the brand he is building. those outside challenges, if they are threatening the establishment in the form of mcconnell and these people less popular than him, of course that works for him. >> one of the things steve scalise missed was the deal the president cut with chuck and nancy. it was one of those deals i wondered if steve scalise had been in the room, would that have been cut? here's our exchange on that. >> what did you think when the president cut a deal with chuck and nancy? what was your initial reaction when you heard about this? >> well -- >> would it have happened if you were in the room? >> the thing that hurt the most was the senate not passing the health reform bill. it was a thin margin but we put
2:42 pm
that coalition together. the senate came close and they failed short. i think the president looked if the senate republicans can't pass its. >> you think the president didn't lose faith in republicans? >> no. we have a very close relationship. i enjoy working with this president. president trump is focused on getting the economy moving and following up on the promises he made in the campaign to me is very refreshing. i want to work with him and it starts front and center with tax reform. >> steve scalise borrowed a talking point i think i heard paul ryan issue about a week ago, hey, wait a minute, don't look at us, us house republicans we passed an on repeal and replace and we passed kate's law. here's all the things the senate hasn't done. whoa whoa whoa, i'm not with that guy. >> right. >> that was a little bit there, saying senate republicans failed, therefore drove them. >> the arms of --
2:43 pm
>> steve scalise is much better at this than paul ryan is. paul rayyan is not a natural -- paul ryan is not a natural politician. you know when he's lying. and i wonder if the house would be better with steve scalise these days. it's about deflecting blame. no one cares about the substance. who will get blamed? who will trump tweet @. that's not governance. this is not about the country. >> funny you bring that up. what is tax reform about? about the ballot box for substance? take a listen to this final exchange i want to share. >> do you think if you don't get tax reform you guy deserve to lose the house? >> i think we need to get it done. in my view failure is not an option. it's not if we fail, i work -- >> you understand the voters will punish you for it. >> we have to deliver for the american people. the middle class revap rated the last few years.
2:44 pm
we have to rebuild it by getting jocks and tax reform does it and we have to get it done. >> he didn't want to hit the hypothetical. you talked to these folks off camera and they believe it's a political imperative. you could also make the same case with repeal and replace obamacare and they still couldn't get agreement. >> tax reform is tax reform. you said you would get obamacare. it feels almost like going for the bronze when we tried to go for the gold and it never came through. >> we will medal. >> we will medal and share the silver. if anything, blaming chuck schumer and nancy pelosi for the republicans' inability to pull this off after having years to get it ready is a real dodge. i don't know the american people, when they elected donald trump, those who voted for him for jobs were think, if we could just do something about taxes. >> something more visceral like the border wall felt to the
2:45 pm
point. taxes? >> this is about donors. donors are angry about obamacare, you didn't get that done, you better give me my taxes. the plan was to get obamacare to get the taxes. they were intertwined. you do hear him say it's a do or die proposition. >> i have to sneak in another break. stick around. much more on my interview with steve scalise. it's fascinating and you can see it this sunday. back with more on "mtp daily" and the harvey weinstein controversy. even your toaster is thinking. honey, clive owen's in our kitchen. i'm leaving. oh nevermind, he's leaving. but what if a business could turn all that thinking... thinking... endless thinking into doing. to make better decisions. make a difference. make the future. not next week while you think about it a little more. but right now. is there a company that can help you do all that? ( ♪ )
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where have you heard those types of allegations before? still, what stuck out to me was weinstein's statement in which he didn't deny the charges.
2:48 pm
here's the first line. i came of age in the '60s and '70s when all the rules about behavior and workplaces were different. that was the culture then. please. let's not disparage every man from that era as you desperately try to save your reputation, number one. true, that may have been the culture then when you were in your teen, but the times reports you reached settles with women in the '90s and 2015. last time i checked that wasn't '60s and '70s. conservatives are likely smirking at the hypocrisy. he supported hillary clinton. if you were disgusted by bragging, please, save some of your outrage by this advocate of liberal causes as well. more on this in a minute. for your heart...
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welcome back. time for "the lid."
2:51 pm
i'm going to stick to harvey weinstein today. we've seen a parade of lawmakers and now even the dnc promising to give money to charity. it is so long and growing, we're still making the graphing. the dnc 30,000, shoomer, 16, booker, hinrich, white house, it sounds like the 2020 primary season on this. harvey weinstein was a major democratic donor. >> a major donor, a force for liberal causes. giving the money back is the easy thing to do. it will be harder for people to come out and condemn him the way they would have a conservative. >> i've seen the money go but not a lot of condemnation. >> right. and he was doing this knowing he was getting away with it. because he was doing it and he have one in l.a. knew he was doing it. those are the stories coming back so giving the money back is one thing. the political act of courage if there is one would be people
2:52 pm
coming out and forcefully condemning him. the thing, that quote from him that is saying, i couldn't control my behavior. i was a product of the culture. let's leave that aside. but this was not a surprise to anyone in hollywood. so much silence on this stuff. the same thing happened at fox, by the way. >> it is a cultural thing. this gets said over and over again. it is the tone from above. it is what people think they can get away with and what is tolerated and what is not. and obviously, there are some places where powerful men are still insulated. women have zero power. it is very common in the entertainment industry, the news business where everyone wants to get in. the women coming up are young and you see it again and again. i thought, my favorite line, or least favorite line was that now he'll devote himself to fighting the nra. if you can ever get sympathetic
2:53 pm
toward the nra, it would be this. >> obviously, something has changed in the last two years and more women feel the need. i'm not going to keep this quiet. so you are seeing, what ashley judd did today was quite brave. to be the lead anecdote in that piece. now, she has her own power center so she -- but she used political capital. she used it. that's not an easy thing to do and we don't know if it will hurt her or help her in hollywood. >> i think she'll be find in hollywood. hollywood is not vertical like nbc universal. so ashley judd will be fine. i think the thing that i took from this was just the way that political money works in california. as a former he californian, you can live through election cycle after election cycle. the candidates do fund-raiser after fund-raiser. they never do public events.
2:54 pm
they have a few big donors they go to and then they leave the state. when you let that happen, you have the political machine on the left and the right. you have a handful of powerful people who become king makers. so this weinstein thing was inevitable. california is just this political atm. 38 million americans other never get the benefit of candidates coming to they will. they just go to the people on the top with all the money. >> are we in a moment where this has changed things, at least? or are we going to continue to see more? the tech world, for instance. >> i think, i hope more we will coming forward and talking about it. harvey weinstein is not the only person. >> we have bill cosby. we can go down the line. >> but people think they can make these allegations and be believed. >> that's a major change from how things were, certainly in the 1960s and 1970s. >> that's an upside here.
2:55 pm
>> one of the ways you combat it is you have women in positions of power. where it is an all male dominated top tier, you'll have a lot more. >> i have to say, i hope somehow sexual harassment charges and paying people off where they cannot speak anymore. there's something about that that is unsavory. i hope we figure out a way to stop that somehow. thank you very much. when we come back, i have one other obsession tonight. i think you know what it is. we'll be right back. (avo) when you have type 2 diabetes, you manage your a1c, but you also have a higher risk of heart attack or stroke.
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in case you missed it, the washington nationals are planning to make a run. deeper to the playoffs this year. they plan to make a run to the playoffs in 2012, 2014, 2016, and four or five games into the first round. tonight the nats get another chance. they take on the chicago cubs that hadn't won in the 1908 until last year. okay, chicago, you won last year. now it's washington's turn. washington hasn't had a win since 1924 when the washington senators beat the new york giants. yes, those new york giants. 24 years before the cleveland indians be won their last world series. it was so long ago that president calvin coolidge threw out the world series pitch. and stephen strasburg is starting for washington. this is the moment the national fans have been wait go for. he didn't get a real shot during his previous post season start
3:00 pm
so this is his moment. the original face of the franchise. let's go. i have confidence in him. so buckle up, chicago. you've got your championship. it's time for washington. i'm putting my red on. i'll see you at the game. that's all we have tonight. we'll be back on monday. if it's sunday, catch "meet the press." "the beat" starts right now. >> chuck, i didn't know we were doing this. i would have brought my mariners hat. >> oh, are they in the -- for what? they're not playing in october. >> for sentimental reasons? does that fit into a jacket? chuck, have a great weekend. we begin with all the talk about the wall. not that wall. i'm talking about the wall that republican intel chairman richard burr said he hit when trying to reach the author ofrt trump dossier. >> as it relates to the dossier, unfortunately, the committee has hit


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